Name Noor
Age 26
Hair Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 5' 6"
Weight 115lbs
Contact +92 3232 944944
About Noor

Just like her name, Noor is a shining gem of the escort industry. Her eyes sparkle like diamonds. She is humorous, fun and teases her clients in such a way that they get aroused within seconds. She is smart and unique in her ways. As soon as you meet her, during the first few moments you will feel that she has developed a connection with you and the chemistry is amazingly developed during a short time span. You will actually be able to see her passion and enthusiasm for her personality and how much she enjoys what she does. She knows her art well and seduces you till you give in to the world of utter sensuality. When you are with Noor, you can rest assured that no distractions can bother her. She will give you 100 percent attention and make you feel important and satisfied.

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