Name Jasmin
Age 22
Height 5' 3"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Brown
Eye Color Brown
Contact +92 3232 944944
About Jasmin

What most clients look for in an Islamabad escort is an excellent figure and looks to go flat for. But one fact that is often underestimated is the communication skills. This is where Jasmine gains an edge over other escorts. Apart from stunning looks and absolutely state of the art sexual skills, Jasmine communicates well with the clients that help her understand their personal needs. Besides doing everything else such as arousing the clients the amazing communication skills Jasmine makes them feel like they are with someone who truly understands their needs. When Jasmin gets an idea of all your needs, she can mold her ways according to you and make you feel content. Her sexually charges ways of teasing are sure to take your arousal to a whole new level. She sets the stage for something exciting to happen and then blows your mind.

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